In a shocking news, popular bodybuilding athlete and model Manoj Patil allegedly attempted suicide by consuming sleeping pills at his home in Oshiwara, Mumbai at the wee hours between 12.30 a.m. and 1 a.m. on Thursday. Family members rushed the former Mr India title winner to the Cooper Hospital and his condition is said to be critical, his manager told PTI. Recently, Manoj submitted a letter to the Oshiwara Police asking for action to be taken against Bollywood actor Sahil Khan for allegedly defaming him on social media, while also stating that he had been creating problems in his professional life. Responding to the incident, Sahil stated, "This could be a publicity stunt with a communal angle. I have had no association with Manoj."

Pari Naaz, Manoj Patil’s manager, has stated that they demanded an FIR be filed against Sahil Khan. Oshiwara police has said that they have visited the hospital where Manoj has been admitted, while adding that no FIR has been registered so far. Naaz has said that Manoj resorted to the extreme step after being harassed by Sahil Khan. She stated, "He was being harassed for over a year. His phone number had been made viral. And last night he was with his friends and on his way home he went to a chemist shop and bought the pills. His friends weren't aware what he took but when he reached home he didn’t even have dinner and fell unconscious. We then rushed him to hospital."


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