Popular Tamil television serial actress Chithu VJ died by suicide during the early hours of Wednesday, December 9 and her unexpected demise has come as a shocker to the people of Tamil Nadu. Chithu was widely known among the audience for her performance as Mullai in the ongoing Vijay TV serial, Pandian Stores. Chithu is one of the leading actors in the television industry who enjoyed a phenomenal fan base. However, it looks like she was not in a good space on her personal front. Chithu had got engaged to an entrepreneur named Hemanth, a few months before and they were supposed to get married in February 2021.

Chithu had been to EVP Film City last night for a Vijay TV program's shooting and since the shoot ended late in the night, she decided to stay in a private hotel nearby for the night. Her fiance, Hemanth accompanied her during the stay. Early this morning, she was found hanging in her hotel room. People are yet to come to terms with reality and accept Chithu's death. Notable personalities from the film and television industry have been expressing their shock and condolence messages on social media. Here is how some of the actors and comedians reacted to Chithu's death.

Aishwarya Rajesh - Deeply shocked and saddened to learn of the death of actress #Chitra. A very promising and gifted artiste who has gone too soon! People must realise that suicide is not a solution to problems and as a society, we need to emphasize this fact more strongly than ever before!

Neelima - No words!! Shocked and deeply saddened!!! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

Amit Bhargav - I've never worked with her but have met her a few times. But I'm just as shocked and confused as to why she would choose to end her own life so suddenly. Her career was going wonderfully and she was about to get married to the love of her life. Why did she choose to throw it all away? Whatever pain she was battling, I hope she is at peace now. #ripchithuvj

Abhirami Venkatachalam - It's so heart breaking and devastating... m still expecting a call from her to just hear all these were just aprank.... why why why my friend why? You are an angel baby. Let your soul RIP

Myna Nandhini - RIP yean de ipadi panna

Saai Gayatri - I can't believe dis. my deepest condolences to her family. May her soul rest in peace

Aathmika - What a terrible news to wake up to! Couldn't believe you are no more. Shine wherever you are. RIP dear Chituvj

VJ Manimegalai - Really really Shocking Chithu .... I know how bold & Strong you are but I seriously don’t know what made you to take this decision .. Yesterday v were in the Same make up room, Spoke about lotsa things, getting ready for shoot, but waking up today with really a bad news... i still can’t believe you’re no more :( RIP

Sridevi Ashok - Suicide isn't the answer! Dear you are in my thoughts and prayers. May yur soul Rest In Peace. Still can't believe this...

KPY Pugazh - Rip Ethuku de ipadi panna machi..

Shanthnu - Time n again we talk about this Life is too precious to end it. I really wish she spoke out to someone before deciding to end her life Wtv the WAR u are fighting within, pls speak it out, it DEFINITELY HELPS... a second is more than enuf to change a decision #RIPChitra

Sakshi Agarwal - What could have gone so bad that you decided to do this gone to soon! Hope you found your peace ,where you are now! Such an energetic and radiant personality, wish you reached out to someone before taking this step , maybe things would be different! #vjchithra #RIP

Anjana VJ - We have never met but I have always noticed ur growth and the immense love ppl have for you! U decided leave all ur loved ones guessing what caused u so much pain. Cant imagine wht kinda pain u wud have gone thro which pushed u to make this decision. U ll be teribbly missed @chithuvj.

Soundarya Bala Nandakumar - A person with such infectious energy. Have always rooted for your success and was very happy it was being channelised properly! Your ladder of growth was very very inspiring! May your beautiful soul rest in peace @chithuvj . I am shocked and disturbed beyond words.

Harathi - #vjchithra darling God has given u such beauty, successfully career, huge fan following #PandianStores , u had build ur own house, kind parents, happily about to get married???? Wat else u want?? Wat made u leave in urgency? So u been very busy made u think to #rip? #RIPChitra


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