Following the rapid spread of the COVID-19 Novel Corona Virus across the world, the Indian government brought into effect a 21-day lockdown, across our country. It was then extended three times. We are already into the fourth phase lockdown and hopefully this is the last phase, which will be in effect till June 1st. However, the deadly virus continues to spread unchecked, across the country and the number of infected people has crossed 1.1 lakhs with the death toll going way over a 3 thousand. But on the bright side, the cases in few states have dropped rapidly. Andhra Pradesh registered only 67 cases yesterday. The count is expected to decline even further in the coming days. 
Meanwhile, the AP Government yesterday gave out a GO to allow film and Television shooting in the state of Andhra Pradesh. That’s good news for the industry but is it too early? Will film stars act during this corona scare are something we will have to wait and see. All the film units who are going to resume shooting will have to take care of the necessary protocols while filming their film so that no one gets contracted during the process of shooting.