Yesterday, we had reported our readers that a few members from the BJP political party conducted a protest outside Vijay’s Master shooting spot. BJP protestors have been questioning NLC officials as to how the Master team were given permission to shoot at the reserved and secure location. Now director RK Selvamani who happens to be the head of FEFSI union had condemned this protest. He supports Vijay for constantly shooting in Tamil Nadu in spite of facing pressure from political parties. His speech reads as follows: “Among the top four actors, only Vijay has been shooting for all his films in Tamil Nadu whereas Rajinikanth and Ajith have been shooting in other places. I am talking only about the top league of actors. Of course, actors who belong in the next league like Suirya, Karthi and Vikram have been shooting in Tamil Nadu. But whereas Ajith and Rajinikanth have been shooting outside of Tamil Nadu just because of restrictions caused by the government or any political parties. So, what happens is that the revenues from the production of these films are going to other states.  
Coming back to the issue, what is wrong with Master team shooting in Neyveli? They have got all the necessary approval to shoot, what else do these political outfits need? How can they link an incident that happened 20 years back to this shoot? To avoid these baseless protests actors are forced to shoot in other states which is affecting the revenue of our state. Previously, movie units used to shoot outside Tamil Nadu only to show the scenic beauty of other places but now they re-create Chennai and other locations in Tamil Nadu using set works in other states. Even recently, Ajith’s Viswasam was shot completely in Hyderabad. What did they do? They recreated a temple from ‘Theni’ village in Hyderabad Ramoji Roa Filmcity. If Ajith and Viswasam team had shot the film in Theni as it was supposed to be, people around that district would have earned around 10 crores. All this is because of unwanted pressure created by political outfits. I request people to not do politics with films, it is affecting our industry badly.”