One of the most respected filmmakers in Tamil cinema, Vasantabalan not long back completed production work on his upcoming film starring Arjun Das and Sarpatta Paramabarai heroine Dushara Vijayan in the lead roles. The hit director had tested positive for coronavirus sometime back and had informed fans on social media that he had been shifted to a normal ward after 20 days of hospitalization in a COVID-19 ward. Known for his films like Veyil, Angadi Theru and Kaaviya Thalaivan, Vasantabalan has now in a detailed note on his Facebook page once again shared his experiences on the effects of the disease and the toll it took on him physically, mentally and emotionally, while also extending his gratitude to the important people who had stood by him during the road to his still ongoing recovery. 

Describing the ordeal he had to go through as a result of COVID-19 infecting him, Vasantabalan told in his note that his agony was slowly reducing as a number of his close friends took it upon themselves to rid him of the trials and tribulations. Vasantabalan narrates how COVID-19 affected his lungs leading to life-threatening consequences. In his statement, the director details how his friend, Varadan, went out of his way and tried to save his life from the clutches of death by making all necessary arrangements that included medical assistance, hospitalization, monetary assistance and so on. He also extended his heartfelt gratitude to Siddha doctor Sivaraman for giving him constant medical advice and encouragement to enroll in a bigger medical facility. He also thanked paediatrician Albert, doctor Ramasubramaniam of Apollo Hospitals, IAS officers Radhakrishnan and Udayachandran and reserved his biggest heartfelt gratefulness to Dr. Sivaraman, who along with his friend Varadan put in maximum efforts to save him at all costs. Vasantabalan in his statement also thanked his peers in the film industry namely his mentor director Shankar, Lingusamy, producers JSK Satishkumar, T. Siva, including Su Venkatesan, Member of Parliament (Madurai Constituency) and actors Parthiban and Arjun Das. 

Vasantabalan's statement ends on a positive note and informs followers that he will always be in debt to his friend Varadan the most as he was the one who went from corner to corner to save his life at all junctures, while also thanking Dr. Sivaraman as well for his constant support from the beginning to the end. Below is Vasantabalan's full statement: