Earlier yesterday, director Desingh Periyasamy of Kannum Kannum Kollaiyadithaal fame took to his Twitter space to share his excitement about his phone conversation with his favourite actor Superstar Rajinikanth. The legendary actor, who was highly impressed by Desingh’s work in Kannum Kannum Kollaiyadithaal, spoke to him over a phone call. Towards the end of the day, the phone conversation between Rajinikanth and Desingh Periyasamy got leaked on social media and went viral among the fans. Everyone was so glad and happy after listening to Rajinikanth’s voice in that audio and wishes poured in from all quarters for Desingh.

Talking over the phone call, Rajinikanth said, “I happened to see your film only yesterday. Super. Excellent… Hahaha.. Really, I didn’t know anything about the story or premise and I was taken aback when I watched. I am sorry that I got to watch the film only now. Congratulations. You have a bright future. Apdiye, enakkum edhadhu think panni veinga (also, think about a story for me). I’m serious, think about a story that’s different. God bless you.

This audio got leaked last night and it has been all over social media since then. While Desingh’s friends and well-wishers were very happy after hearing this, it looks like Desingh felt disappointed indeed. He expressed his displeasure over the audio leak and said that it was meant to be personal. He didn’t know how it got leaked. Desingh Periyasamy posted a small note on his Twitter page and the note read, “Wish panra ellaarume "Enkittaiye Thalaivar pesina maathiri avlo santhoshamnu solranga" thank you everyone for sooo much love. Personally not happy that the conversation got leaked as it is very personal call. Even in my tweet I didn't mention Thalaivar's name but unfortunately it happened. Ellaam Nanmaikke. Once again thank you so much for the love and support.

Well, however, let us hope Desingh gets ready with an interesting script for his favourite actor in the coming days. It is a known fact that Desingh Periyasamy has been an ardent fan of Rajinikanth since his childhood days and hence, getting these positive words of appreciation from his favourite idol must indeed be very special and motivating for Desingh. Interestingly, Kannum Kannum Kollaiyadithaal indeed had a ‘special thanks’ card dedicated to Superstar Rajinikanth at the beginning of the movie. Check out Desingh Periyasamy’s tweet below: