Popular anchor Dhivyadharshini, fondly called DD, recently crossed 1.5 million followers on her official Instagram page. As a way of reciprocating their love, DD asked her fans and followers to pose her with some interesting questions. During the chat session, DD answered various questions and here is an interesting compilation of those. When a fan asked her to share a few words about Lady Superstar Nayanthara, DD said, “I have a huge respect for her. I love her. I want only good things to happen for her. She never holds a grudge on anyone.

If she feels someone has done something wrong and she isn’t okay with it, she openly tells it to that person and clears the air. She openly tells it out if she is angry. She doesn’t hide it inside. That’s her best quality.” She also shared her love for her other favourites like Hrithik Roshan, Anirudh Ravichander, and Trisha. As like every other celebrity live session, DD’s session also had the tricky questions of ‘Will you marry me?’, ‘Are you married?’ types.

However, DD maintained her cool and answered all of them in a light hearted manner. You can watch the full compilation of her answers in the video, embedded below the article. DD, who recently shared that she fractured her left foot, is currently recovering from the injury. Wish you a speedy recovery, DD! Check out the video below: