Cook with Comali is one of the most watched shows in Tamil television history and it has been attracting a solid amount of viewership. The second season of the show is currently underway and it has become one of the most loved shows. The show has given a big breakthrough for several participants in the show and we have seen it, as well. In last week's episode, we saw an eviction and it was actress Rithika who got eliminated from the show. Rithika had entered the cookery show as a wildcard contestant and her entry came as a surprise for everyone. She was added to the competition to make the show run for a longer period of time and the move was well received by the audience. Having said that, the fans are in for some exciting treat in the coming weekend.

Yes! The upcoming episode of Cook with Comali will witness the four finalists of last season entering the show and it is going to be quite fun. The presence of the four finalists is sure to create some nostalgic memories for the audience. Ramya Pandian, Vanitha Vijayakumar, Uma Riyaz, and Rekha are the four guests who will be seen in the upcoming episode of Cook with Comali and they would be seen competing with this season's contestants. It is going to be interesting to see the face-off between Season 1's contestants and season 2's contestants.

Vijay TV has released the promo for the said episodes and it has already gone viral. Usually, it is the contestants who pick the comalis, but this time, for a change, the comalis will be choosing their cooks and we can expect a lot of fun. This will be a celebration round and it means that there will be no eviction, this week. As of now, there are five contestants who are still alive in the competition and it includes Ashwin Kumar, Shakeela, Baba Baskar Master, Kani Thiru and Pavithra Lakshmi. Probably, one or two more contestants among these 5 will be evicted in the coming weeks, after which the wildcard round and the grand finale will be followed.

These newly released promos have received a very good response from the fans and the netizens are abuzz about it. Ramya and Pugazh had a striking rapport in the last season and it is good to see them back together again. Check out the promo here: