Chiranjeevi Sarja’s sudden demise is a huge set-back for the Kannada film industry, his family members and fans are yet to come out of shock. Chirajeevi Sarja succumbed to a massive heart attack last Sunday on the 7th of June. He was declared dead when he was taken to a hospital after he developed uneasiness and complained of pain. Apparently, the doctors could not revive him and he was declared dead when he was brought to the hospital in Jayanagar. Chiranjeevi was only 39 years old and was married to actress Meghana Raj who acted in the Tamil film Kaadhal Solla Vandhen. Chiranjeevi Sarja is a fun-loving person and his recent tik tok videos show how much he enjoys his life.  
Chiranjeevi also shared a good bond with his friends and he apparently loves to travel a lot. One of his last WhatsApp messages to his friends has now found its way to the internet. In the message Chiranjeevi had wanted to go on a trip with his friends to take some stress away from the corona pandemic. He also added that life is uncertain and nobody knows what will happen in the future. His friend Prajwal had posted the WhatsApp image which is now trending across the country - ‘We should travel for a week… just we guys, relax talk connect over things we have left out and come back. We don’t know what’s in store for us tom.”