The upcoming fourth edition of the smash hit Tamil reality TV show, Bigg Boss, is getting ready for its telecast in the days ahead. Fans across the state have been mighty excited ever since Bigg Boss Tamil season 4 was announced last week, with 'Ulaganayagan' Kamal Haasan, who served as the host of the show, too announced to be returning. With a couple of promos and a short teaser released already receiving a rousing response, all eyes are now set on the contestants who will be participating in the show. So far, popular names like Bigil actress Amritha Aiyer, Shivani Narayanan, Ramya Pandian, KPY Pugazh, KPY Dheena, Shilpa Manjunath and Suriya Devi have emerged as those to be in contention to be the contestants.  

In that light, reputed singer Chinmayi Sripada's name too had popped as one among the participants in Bigg Boss Tamil season 4 as per a few latest reports. However, the acclaimed singer has slammed the reports as nothing else than mere rumors, while also calling out the media channel's video on YouTube for referring to her as controversial. Taking to her Instagram page, Chinmayi penned a strong note on the Story feature saying, "I saw a youtube channel name me as one of the 'shortlisted' names for Bigg Boss. Only the way they referred to me was 'Before Vanitha, Chimayi has been known for controversy due to the MeToo Movement'. The voice over belongs to a man. Whoever it might be. The bigger battle, these people who run youtube channels or are part of the Nakkeerans of the world have no brains, nor intellect nor understanding of what is controversial and what is creating awareness." 

Chinmayi further stated, "The most interesting part- the video starts with Veetuku Periyavar as Radha Ravi'‘avargal'.‘Even a Mr Radha Ravi who is abusive out in the open gets respect when addressed; the man has embezzled dubbing union money, has sexual harassment allegations against him but Saar is Saar. And I am referred to as controversial. What does one do when mainstream media is made of humans like this? How much does one educate? I would never be in a show like Bigg Boss. All the 'speculative' videos/article are using my name for publicity and to earn money. No one else would know of them otherwise."

Below is Chinmayi's note posted on her Instagram story: