Popular television host and video jockey, Archana is inside the Bigg Boss 4 Tamil house and she has managed to earn a place for herself. Archana entered the Bigg Boss house as the first wildcard contestant and her presence has made a lot of differences. Her 'anbu' strategy and 'love bed' have been the major talking points of this season and people claim that she plays safe game having love as a guard to protect her. People also opined that she is dominating in certain situations and is biased towards her group. However, she clarified all these allegations during her 'Call Centre' task, while talking to Aajeedh. Anitha holds quite a good relationship with majority of people inside the house.

Meanwhile, there is happy news on Archana's personal front. Archana's younger sister, Anita (aka) Annie is pregnant and a function happened recently at Archana's household to celebrate the moment. Archana's daughter, Zaara shared the good news with the followers through an Instagram post. Sharing a picture from the event, Zaara wrote, "Now finally you guys won’t ask what the surprise is! Annie is pregnant!!!!!! Check out “Ann’s Poo Chootal” on Wow Life YouTube channel right away!".

As said in the caption, the video has been uploaded to Archana's official YouTube channel - Wow Life. Talking in the video, Archana's sister, Annie shared that she misses her sister's presence and asked her to come back soon. "Archu, I miss you so much. Come back soon. If you had been here, things would have been very different. You are still here through your lovable heart and soul," said Annie.

It can be recalled that in one of the Bigg Boss episodes, Archana expressed her love and affection for her younger sister. Archana expressed her love for Annie in that episode, by saying, "After dad's demise, Annie became my daughter. We have shared so many moments together. In several situations, I have felt like what I'd be doing if Annie wasn't there. I've always talked to her when I have doubts or problems. Fortunately, I found my Annie inside the Bigg Boss house through Ramya,".

Archana, who is inside the Bigg Boss house, will definitely feel happy and elated about Annie's pregnancy. Will she be informed about it or shown the visuals through Agam TV? Well, let us keep our fingers crossed and wait for it. For now, check out Archana's sister - Annie's pregnancy 'Poo Chootal' function video below: