Music is something that everybody can relate with and all artists touch our lives in some way or the other. However, we have now lost a man who touched us with his voice! Voice Mexico star - singer Jerry Demara, who was just 42, is no more! It was originally reported that Demara had lost his life due to COVID complications but it has now come to light that the singer had actually been suffering from complications which had risen out of his self-injecting of vitamins. Just about 48 hours before his death, the Latin Grammy nominee had filmed a video, explaining his condition.

A Facebook Live video filmed by Jerry Demara showed him telling that he was in unbearable pain, after he had self-administered vitamin injections in his buttocks region. In the video, Demara had said, "I am in the hospital because I have a problem in the buttocks. By mistake, on three different days spaced apart, I injected vitamins in the same area. The day before yesterday was my last one... for six hours I've had a pain level of 12." However, what vitamins he had injected, is as yet unclear. Demara had been admitted to a Californian hospital, after suffering from delirium and vomiting. 

In the video, Demara had also complained in Spanish about the treament he had been receiving at the hospital, while breathing heavily and grimacing in pain. He had then been transferred to the Pioneers Memorial Hospital in Brawley. However, not responding to treatment, Demara breathed his last within 48 hours of posting the video. His wife Claudia confirmed the news on Facebook after just a day earlier she had posted that the doctors were intervening after discovering blisters on Demara's legs. Some reports state the Demara had become stable after undergoing surgery but him dying shortly afterwards, has left all his fans wondering the actual causes behind his death. Jerry Demara, whose real name was Gerardo, rose to fame after competing in the Voice of Mexico in 2012 and in 2018 his album Brindemos earned him a nomination for the Best Banda Album at the Latin Grammys. Demara is survived by his wife and 2 kids. We pray for Demara's soul to Rest In Peace and hope his family find all the strength to tide them over these tough times.