Ayalaan teaser launch video: Sivakarthikeyan explains the reason for the release postponement, makes a funny request to YouTubers - SPEECH HIGHLIGHTS

Ayalaan teaser launch sivakarthikeyan speech explains reason for release delay r ravikumar a r rahman - Tamil Movie Cinema News
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Leading Tamil actor Sivakarthikeyan's Ayalaan teaser was released in a grand manner amidst tremendous hype on Friday, October 6, in Chennai. The visuals of the upcoming film have been long-awaited and are a treat for the eyes, with the buzz and response on social media being super positive so far. Directed by Indru Netru Naalai fame R. Ravikumar and featuring music composed by Academy Award winner A. R. Rahman, Ayalaan, which is currently in the post-production stages, has witnessed quite a long delay, but is scheduled to open in cinemas worldwide as a Pongal treat in January 2024. 

Addressing the postponement from Diwali in November 2023 to bringing it out in theatres as a Pongal 2024 release, Sivakarthikeyan took to the stage at the Ayalaan teaser launch event and said, "The people at Phantom FX told us that they can add a few more new details to the visuals. As of now, almost 60-70% CG works have been completed. In the teaser that you just watched, the alien world was created now and there was something else before. And, since the film is aimed at being a visual spectacle, we gave it a thought and decided to push the release to another two months and bring it out in theatres for Pongal since we have already waited all these years." 

Speaking about Ayalaan director R. Ravikumar, Sivakarthikeyan said that he got to know about the filmmaker when he was at his outdoor shooting and saw a few visuals of Indru Netru Naalai (2016). He revealed that he was fascinated about how the time-travel aspect was explored in the film upon its release and sought the director's number from Vishnu Vishal. Sivakarthikeyan further revealed that he had made up his mind to work with Ravikumar on a film even before he narrated a story. He then went on to speak about the director's one-line for Ayalaan and complimented him on his preparation by having done a pre-viz with 2D animation during filming. SK also revealed that Ravikumar had completed the shooting in only 95 days while informing that Ayalaan is the first Indian film to be shot using the ARRI Alexa large-format camera. 

Talking about bringing Oscar winner A. R. Rahman onboard Ayalaan, Sivakarthikeyan said that he felt the iconic music director would be the right person to compose the songs and the background score for the film after listening to the story from R. Ravikumar. Recalling that A. R. Rahman has been a big support for the film, SK stated that he would give them fresh tunes since the previous ones were composed two years back. Sivakarthikeyan added that A. R. Rahman did not think about money as a factor and wanted to enhance Ayalaan with his sincere effort and support at all times. 

Sivakarthikeyan also opened up on how Ayalaan is following suit in the sci-fi genre in Tamil cinema after legendary Tamil actor M. G. Ramachandran's (MGR) Kalai Arasi (1963). He went on to put forward a funny request YouTubers to not give titles to their videos such as "After MGR, it is me... - Sivakarthikeyan's daring speech" evoking a loud response and cheers among the audience gathered at the Ayalaan teaser launch event. 

Watch Sivakarthikeyan's Ayalaan teaser launch event full speech in the video below: