Perhaps the most anticipated film across the world, Avengers: Endgame hitting screens on April 26 is the sequel to last year’s mega blockbuster, Avengers: Infinity War, which went on to make over $2 billion in global box office collections.

With 11 days to go for Avengers: Endgame’s Indian release, the first 20 minutes of the film’s footage was recently screened for select members of the press in South Korea, following which its description has now popped up in a detailed post on Reddit.

The author of the Avengers: Endgame South Korean press screening Reddit post starts off saying, “The movie opens to the harsh continuous beep of an emergency broadcast over the Marvel Studios logo. Same one from the Antman and the Wasp post credits scene reading ‘THIS IS NOT A TEST. THERE IS A STATE OF EMERGENCY IN EFFECT. PLEASE STAND BY FOR FURTHER INSTRUCTIONS.’ Whole screen is a shot of that for a few seconds. Cut to the Barton farm. Clint is away from the family picnic teaching his daughter some archery. He jokes that the 30th time is the charm, to stay steady and not even think about it. She nails the center of the target. He and his daughter have a funny back and forth about who the better archer will be when she gets a better trainer. Clint turns his back to her for a moment expecting a response to his quip.”

The Reddit post further continues about Jeremy Renner’s Clint Barton/Hawkeye saying, “He turns back around and she isn’t there. Clint looks amused for a second. He calls out her name, looks behind the tree. Nothing. He quickly begins to panic, asking his wife if she’s seen her, that she was just with him. Laura has no clue. They frantically search around the house to no avail. Clint turns to see his two younger sons reduced to ash in front of him. Clint runs out of the room to Laura who also slowly turns to ash in his arms. Clint, in utter shock, walks into the living room where the tv is blaring the aforementioned emergency broadcast. ‘THIS IS NOT A TEST.’”

The post then highlights Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner/The Hulk and Chris Evans as Steve Rogers/ Captain America in Black Panther’s nation of Wakanda saying, “Back on Earth, Wakandans mourn their lost loved ones. We get a pretty emotional sequence there. The remaining Avengers gather themselves in the lab that was used to protect Vision in IW. Shuri has been dusted obviously. Okoye vows to do whatever she can to help them. Their wounds are attended to. Banner sits in stunned silence as does Rhodey. Rocket holds back tears. Thor groans that he ‘had him’. Cap responds that it’s no one’s fault and that they have to get back home, regroup, and try to find whoever’s left. That they can still help. Natasha ponders what they could’ve done differently, to which Rhodey responds ‘it doesn’t matter now, we lost’. Thor also mentions that while he regrets not going for the kill, he still managed to hurt Thanos badly. Bruce is given all the information Shuri collected on Vision and the mind stone before they head out, but it’s said to be encrypted.”

Then, we get an insight about Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark/Iron Man and Gwyneth Paltrow as Pepper Potts with the post reading, “Cut to Tony and Pepper in a massive church standing in front of each other on the altar in full wedding getup. This entire scene plays very dreamlike, kind of unsettling. All the avengers, including those who were snapped, sit in the pews smiling and conversing. Happy stands behind Pepper with a baby nestled in his arms, who we can only assume is Morgan. The priest reads through the usual vows. Tony smiles and says I do. The Avengers cheer as they turn to ash. Tony looks into the crowd to see Peter die again. Happy and Morgan fade to ash as well. Tony is visibly horrified. Pepper gets dusted before she can say I do as Tony screams and we cut to him waking up from this nightmare in the Benatar, shaken.”

The post then reveals Karen Gillan’s right beside Tony Stark saying, “Nebula asks if he’s ok. He brushes it off and says he just dreamt that they didn’t make it back, complains ‘gosh it’s cold in here’. Nebula mentions that the heaters stopped working too. Much of the ship was heavily damaged in the battle on Titan. It’s also mentioned that the ship can no longer jump travel. Something about missing parts and some coils being burnt to a crisp. Very pseudosciencey as per usual in superhero films. From here, we jump into a relatively fun montage of Tony and Nebula passing the time playing paper football and hard at work repairing the Benatar, played to the tune of Dear Mr. Fantasy. Tony jokes if they could use some of Nebula’s parts to ‘speed this up’. Nebula gives Tony some sort of medicinal concoction for an infection he got from the wound in his abdomen.”

The post then reads, “Tony and Nebula manage to get the heaters back up but fail to restore jump travel. They are quickly running out of food, water and oxygen as mentioned in the trailers. The montage ends as we cut to New York. Desolate. Shots of looters and protesters. A guy holding up a sign of some bible verse while yelling that there is still time to repent. Most of the remaining Avengers are present in the facility, save Thor and Rocket. Bruce studies Fury’s pager as they surround him. Natasha mentions it was recovered by police and brought to them, along with some of Fury’s other belongings. They had no idea what or who it was for and that it kept turning on and off.”

The mid credits scene from Captain Marvel is then referenced in the post stating, “This is the problem Bruce is hoping to fix if they can bypass the battery as mentioned in the mid credits scene for Captain Marvel. He says it’ll take him some time. The rest of this scene is a lot of the same stuff we’ve seen from the trailers. Nat’s line about Thanos doing exactly what he said he was gonna do. That he wiped everyone out. And that they have no idea where he could possibly be. It’s also mentioned here that they’re working under the assumption that Tony is dead. Nat says Clint tried reaching out to her, but has gone ghost since. She is determined to find him. Cap is willing to help while Rhodey thinks it’s better that they stick together for now. Bruce yells off-screen, ‘Got it!’ while Nat quips that that wasn’t a lot of time. Bruce says he never said he would need a lot. The signal will stay on for now.”

Tony Stark is then referenced in the post that says, “Cut back to Tony as he sits in silence on the floor of the Benatar. He is exhausted and emaciated. This where he records his message to Pepper. Sad as you can imagine. They’ve been stranded in space for weeks now and he fully expects to die. ‘When I drift off, I’ll dream about you. It’s always you Pep.’ Tony rummages around for clothes, throwing on a red long sleeve. He slumps into the passenger seat of the ship as Nebula walks in. He asks her if she got all that to which she responds ‘yeah’. Tony mentions that it feels weird ‘stealing’ Quill’s clothes. He says something along the lines of ‘I saw him turn into dust. All of them. Plus we never really got along you know’. Nebula can relate. They have a funny and endearing heart to heart where Tony thanks her for her help in at least trying.”

And, we finally get to the description of the final footage in the Reddit post that states, “The last scene of the footage we were shown is basically just the mid credits scene from Captain Marvel. The signal from the pager finally ‘craps out’ and they turn to see her arrive.”