Cook with Comali has got a huge fan base and it has attracted a solid amount of viewership in the last few months. Interestingly, the show has given a massive breakthrough for the participants of the show. As of now, five contestants are alive in the competition - Ashwin Kumar, Baba Baskar Master, Kani Thiru, Shakeela, and Pavithra Lakshmi. The contestants took part in the immunity around last week and Baba Baskar emerged as the winner. As a result, Baba Baskar will not be competing in the coming weekend which is going to have one elimination. The makers of the show have released three new promos for the upcoming weekend episode and it has gone viral among the fans.

The first promo gives us a glimpse of the pairing and the makeovers of the comalis. Pugazh garners wide attention with his getup as Baba Baskar master and he manages to imitate the dance choreographer's body language to a larger extent. The second promo teases us with the hinderance for the contestants. The comalis have got the 'Confusion Room' task this time and the comedians will have to listen to the recipe orally and execute it in the cooking. This Confusion Room task was given in the last season during the celebration round and it got a huge response from the family audience.

The highly celebrated and super funny task is once again back, this time for the second season and it is going to be totally fun. However, the third promo is what that has created a huge buzz on social media. The third promo tells us that Ashwin and Pavithra are in the danger zone and both of them face each other in the final elimination round. The visuals have worried the fans of Ashwin Kumar who have expressed their feelings about it. The fans are hoping that Ashwin is not eliminated from the show, but we will have to wait until the weekend to know about the final results.

Ashwin is one of the budding actors who has become one of the most loved personalities and his combination with Sivaangi has a separate fan base. Let us keep our fingers crossed and wait for the weekend episode to be out. For now, check out the newly released trending Cook with Comali promos for the upcoming episodes here: