Popular independent music artist Asal Kolaar was recently evicted from the sixth edition of Bigg Boss Tamil and his eviction garnered wide attention on social media. The majority of the fans did anticipate this happening as they felt he wasn't that actively involved with the tasks. He was criticised for his behaviour towards the women of the house. The viewers felt that Asal Kolaar's touches were inappropriate, receiving a backlash. That said, the man himself has issued an official clarification from his side regarding the same.

He mentioned that he did not touch any woman with any wrong intention and if the women had felt uncomfortable about it, they'd have let the makers of the show know about it. He said, "The people have already judged me. But they react only based on what they saw on the show. They felt I touched the women in the game wantedly and with a wrong intention. I stayed in the BB house just like how I am at my home with my family members. I saw them (housemates) as my family. I saw a lot of memes with a wrong taste. If I had touched them on a wrong note, they would have obviously felt it.

They'd have voiced their opinion about it, condemning me. All the women inside the house are well educated and they would know good touch and bad touch. No one opposed it. If they had, obviously the news would have come out since everything is being recorded in the camera. If the audiences were disturbed by my actions, I apologise to them. Yes, it definitely hurts to see this hate since I never did anything intentionally and if you feel I need to change myself, I shall do". Asal Kolaar came on a live Instagram chat through the handle of Vijay Television and it was in this live session that Asal Kolaar addressed this topic.