Leading Tamil actress Aishwarya Rajesh will be seen next in the upcoming Driver Jamuna, which marks her return to the big screen once again after Vaanam Kottatum in 2020. The Tamil Nadu State Award winner recently sat down for a candid conversation with National Award-winning film critic Baradwaj Rangan, the Editor-in-Chief of Galatta Plus, to talk about Driver Jamuna releasing in theatres worldwide on November 11, while also revisiting many of her popular roles, including her performance in the 2018 cult classic Vada Chennai. Aishwarya opened up about her role in Vada Chennai and shared how director Vetri Maaran and her co-star Dhanush made sure that she would feel comfortable while filming the intimate scenes in the film. 

Aishwarya Rajesh starts off by saying, "Wherever I go, there are people who ask me about Vada Chennai 2. I recently went to the Maldives and this one gentleman, I don't know if he's a Tamilian, asked me when Vada Chennai 2 will be coming and was left surprised by his query." Speaking about how she landed the role in Vada Chennai, Aishwarya said, "Initially, there were other actresses who were chosen for the part and I was the third person to come into the project. Vetri sir told me to audition for the role and the criteria for my performance was to speak all the bad words I knew. When I asked him why, he said it was necessary for me to be on point for the character. So, I prayed to all the gods and then spoke all the bad words to get that role." 

Talking about the intimate scenes in Vada Chennai, Aishwarya Rajesh stated, "What I like a lot about Vetri sir is that he emphasized my comfort. He made it a point to not go overboard and told me that there was no need to no go forward if I'm not comfortable. Even Dhanush said that I had to be comfortable in doing the scenes because there was a lot of intimacy in the film initially. But, sir didn't shoot many scenes for me and it is because of this that I have great respect for him. He knew I wasn't comfortable in certain scenes and he proceeded with other alternative scenes. As for that role, I don't think there hasn't been a character like that in Tamil cinema to date." Aishwarya also spoke about the time she asked Dhanush whether they would collaborate again with the actor telling her, "I have huge respect for you and I love your performance, Aishu. It's just that I'm saving everything for Vada Chennai 2 and I want you to be a trademark of that Padma character." 

Watch Aishwarya Rajesh in conversation with Baradwaj Rangan in the interview below: