Actress Vijayalakshmi of Friends fame attempted suicide yesterday (July 26) evening after taking excessive amount of BP tablets. She posted a video on her Facebook page stating that she is going to die and has no interest to live anymore due to the extensive pressure and stress caused by Seeman and his party members. For the past few months, we have been witnessing this controversial fight between Vijayalakshmi and Seeman which took an unexpected turn last night. Vijayalakshmi’s video went viral on social media and people were utterly shocked hearing her words.

Fortunately, Vijayalakshmi was saved by a few friends and well-wishers in the industry who rushed to see her after the video. It is said that Gayathri Raghuram was one of the firsts to rush for the help. Currently, Vijayalakshmi is admitted at a private hospital in Chennai where she is undergoing medical treatment. Actress Kasthuri Shankar revealed that she met Vijayalakshmi at the hospital last night and shared her thoughts about it. She thanked Gayathri Raghuram for her timely action to save Vijayalakshmi and added that it was very sad to see the faces of Vijayalakshmi’s mother and sister.

Kasthuri also added that Vijayalakshmi’s sister Usha complained about three people who were supposedly the reason behind pushing Vijayalakshmi to take this extreme decision. Kasthuri’s series of tweets read, “Met Vijayalakshmi's family in the hospital, offered them all help. They are just three broken women, cornered , paranoid, tragic. I have worked with Usha, attended her marriage , watched her life unravel. Couldn't even recognise her yesterday. A heartfelt thank you to Gayathri Raguramm who had made arrangements for their medical care yesterday. I do not believe there are political motivations behind her timely help.

The first step is to save vijayalakshmi's life. We can debate the veracity of her claims later. Now for the inconvenient truth- I listened to Usha explain their travails for nearly an hour. Every sentence was about two persons. She made several serious allegations, but unfortunately, could not corroborate them. A lot of details didn't fit.I hope it will all make better sense when the stress comes down. But whatever I heard yesterday, was a long list of complaints against three persons. When I probed further, I was met with sharp suspicion and hostility.

Let us pray for Vijayalakshmi to recover soon and get back to normalcy. More developments regarding the Vijayalakshmi - Seeman case will be known in the coming days. Stay tuned. For now, check out the tweets posted by Kasthuri below: