90 ML marks Oviya’s first film as a solo lead after her Bigg Boss stint. The film has now hit the screens amidst high expectations from fans. The adult content in the trailer and the promos have set the youngsters in the right mood but has the film lived up to what it promised?

There are five girls and 90 ML deals with their lives and the complications involved in their respective relationships. What role does their friendship play and how does it help? Or does it actually help? Catch the film to know! 

Director Alagiya Asura is very clear with the intentions of delivering a fun adult entertainer. There is a good amount of fun in the first half, though the latter half falls flat. The director has tried her hands out at all sexual and bold relationship topics and kudos to her take on the same. It is quite unusual to see such topics in a mainstream film. The interval point is definitely a great high that lives up to its title. Don't miss the fun out there. 

The film demands an open-minded watch as there is a lot that happens on screen and people who put forth culture and tradition at the forefront, might not find the film to be interesting and this can't be their cup of tea. The film tells the women out there to live their lives to the fullest - as they like, without worrying about the cultural or stereotype barriers. That is the one point direct message told through the film. The intention is good but the path taken, reduces the impact. The women liberation angle is touched upon quite well and it is appreciable. The film talks about women's sexual desires, LGBT relationships and other things that you might find uncomfortable to be talked about on mainstream society. Had that been told with even more conviction, the film would've given a complete fun experience. The stories of Paru and Suganya are interestingly written. 

On the other hand, the film does suffer from unfunny and artificially staged scenes. On a larger picture, 90 ML doesn't have a proper story or the structure of the three acts. Despite being fun in some places, the film fails to satisfy without a completion in the story. It desperately tries to hold the fun element throughout but you never feel that fun. The flow is very slow and the audience might end up seeing their watch quite a few times. The non-substantial sequences become the major worry of the film and you don't experience the ‘entertainment’ factor. There is no story as such and due to that, the film wavers through various directions. The conflict is never strong and finds a proper solution. The artificial treatment and performances make it a dull watch. Whenever the girls get together, all they do is party and smoke up. The film definitely had great scope for a crazy fun comedy entertainer but it decides to settle down with partying and adult talks. Despite being enjoyed by the fans, STR’s cameo happens only towards the end and it just makes the affair even more lengthier. 

Oviya is used as the trump card of the film and she does a pretty decent job. However, one cannot deny the fact that her performance didn’t hold the film on a whole spectrum. Monisha Ram, the girl who played the character of Suganya is most impressive among the friends' gang. As said earlier, the artificial acting from the cast alienates the audience from the film.

STR’s songs are loud and don't help, but the background score supports the mood of the film. Arvind Krishna’s visuals throw a colourful tone for the film and the vibrant atmosphere is created through his shots. Anthony’s cuts fail to give proper coherence of the movie. Director Alagiya Asura (Anita Udeep) needs to be appreciated for not adding any cheap or dirty humour, however, the execution part is where the film goes wrong and fails to completely fulfill the satisfaction level.

Verdict: 90 ML is part(l)y fun and partly dull.
Rating: 2.25/5