Vanitha Vijayakumar took to her Twitter page last night to clarify that she is not going patch up with Peter Paul and has decided to part ways forever. A section of media had recently reported that Vanitha is looking to patch up with Peter Paul and this news created confusion among the people. To clear the air, Vanitha clarified that she is never going to patch up with Peter Paul anymore and requested everyone to refrain from speculating such stories. Vanitha penned a detailed note on her Twitter page, explaining the situation and she has been receiving a good amount of support and love from her followers. Vanitha, mentioned in her post, that she talked to Peter Paul after the break up (announcement video) and decided to mutually separate for their good.

She also added that she has decided to focus only on her work and other professional commitments for the coming years. She also revealed that Elizabeth Helen, Peter's first wife did not want him back. Vanitha's series of tweets read, "To all my well wishers and media friends..some baseless rumors are being circulated as news claiming me trying to patch up and get back and I being rejected.kindly refrain from hallucinating such illusions as I have never been rejected in my life by anyone. It would have been me Who rejected someone. I have tried my best to work things out in my past relationships and put up with a lot of nonsense but after an unbearable point couldn't tolerate further and had to walk out..i cant live a lie I'm not made that please cut short your imagination

We have spoken after the last video I posted on my break up. he is grown up and has made his choice and clearly I can't live with it..surprisingly no wife or kids of his wants him back as they now you know the truth..I was framed for being naive and stupid..a fool in Love..I have come to terms with my luck in love and have decided to focus on my work and future plans. Kindly stop speculating and discussing this further..I have no legal ties or emotional ties with emotions have gone numb..I am dealing with my pain my way..thanks for All the love and journey will continue with positivity and take me to better places with your u all".

This detailed statement from Vanitha will now put an end to all the rumours and we wish her professional life to be fruitful and memorable. Vanitha and Peter Paul got married in the month of June, this year, amidst major controversies. However, due to various differences of opinion, Vanitha broke up with him and their marriage ended up on an unfortunate note. Vanitha revealed Peter Paul to be an alcoholic and admitted that she was cheated by him.