The entire world is now trying to adapt and live in what people term as the "new normal", after having battled the COVID-19 Novel Corona Virus pandemic, for over 9 months now! Medical & health professionals have been advising people to follow many basic precautions for their own safety as well as the safety of others. Three main things that are to be followed are - wearing Masks, maintaining social distancing and also using sanitiser regularly to keep hands clean. Though people are being advised to follow all these strongly, there are still some people who are taking things lightly and not adhering to any of these. Some state governments have been tasking authorities to monitor the public and ensure that these safety precautions are being followed. However, we now hear that a state government has now passed a bill to make wearing masks, mandatory!

Rajasthan has now become the first Indian state to make wearing masks mandatory. The Rajasthan State Government has passed a bill to make the usage of masks mandatory. In a special session to pass three bills to negate the farm laws recently approved by the Central government, the Rajasthan Assembly has now inserted a new clause to the Rajasthan Epidemic Diseases (Amendment) Bill, 2020. This clause has made the use of face masks mandatory for everybody in the state, in order to regulate and prevent the spread of the corona virus. It prohibits, "movement of any person in a public place, public transport, private transport, work place or in any social, political, general function or gathering, without properly covering their mouth and nose with a face mask or cover."

A statement released by the Rajasthan government states that the objective and reason behind introducing such a bill was mainly because health experts the world over have been reiterating that use of masks, helps in controlling the spread of the corona virus and helps in saving the lives of people. The statement reads, "The State Government is also of the view that wearing mask should be made mandatory in public place, public transport, private transport, work place or at any social, political, general function or gathering and decided to prohibit movement of persons without wearing mask at such places." The Rajasthan Epidemic Diseases Act, 2020, had been passed in August this year and it had a Section 4, which allows the State Government to issue any order which has to be followed by the public, to prevent the spread of epdidemic diseases! This bill also boosts the government's campaign of - "no mask, no entry"!