Trial by Media is an upcoming latest docu-series on the popular OTT platform Netflix and the series has George Clooney and Grant Heslov as the executive producers. Trial by Media looks at six different trial cases that garnered huge media attention. With filming permitted in many US courtrooms, cameras would regularly line up to capture the proceedings with serious legal battles often being transformed into reality-style TV shows. The series looks at the impact of the media in trials, how defendants and alleged victims could attempt to manipulate the TV audience, and win the ‘public vote’ in many cases. 

The six televised cases include the unforgettable Jenny Jones made-for-Court TV murder trials, the sensational story of Rod Blagojevich’s political fall, and the case of Amadou Diallo, an unarmed African immigrant who was shot 41 times by police in New York City. Trial by Media will be available on Netflix from May 11th and the official trailer has dropped online. Check out the intriguing trailer here,

Trial by Media | Official Trailer | Netflix