Veteran Hollywood actor Ned Beatty, who has appeared in iconic films like Deliverance and Superman, passed away on Sunday morning due to natural causes. He was 83. Ned had passed away in the presence of his family and loved ones, an official spokesperson said. Beatty rose to the spotlight after delivering a breakthrough performance in his debut film, Deliverance, in 1972, as one of the four men from Georgia, who went on a trouble-filled canoe trip. Nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for Network in 1976, Beatty also played the bumbling Otis Berg in Superman (1978) and Superman II (1980), including making several other notable theatre, TV and film appearances. 

According to his agency, Shelter Entertainment Group, Ned Beatty was once called the "busiest actor in Hollywood" by Daily Variety and was born and raised in Kentucky. "He started as a professional performer at age ten when he earned pocket money singing in gospel quartets and a barber shop," the agency said. After long stints in theater in Abingdon, Virginia; in Washington D.C.; and on Broadway, legendary director John Boorman zeroed in on Beatty to play Bobby Trippe in Deliverance. Some of his other memorable roles include All the President's Men, The Big Easy and Hear My Song and more recently in Charlie Wilson's War and Shooter, his agency listed. 

In a career spanning 50 years, Beatty has garnered a big following and acclaim for his work in Hollywood. The news of his death had come as a big shock to many in the industry, including director Lee Unkrich, who cast the actor as the villainous Lots-O’-Huggin’ Bear in 2010’s Toy Story 3, tweeting, "Just heard that Ned Beatty passed away in his sleep. It was a joy and an incredible honor to work with him. Thanks, Ned, for bringing Lotso to life — both his good side and his not-so-good side. We’ll miss you."