A minor yet significant decline in the number of fresh coronavirus cases and COVID-19 deaths has been reported in the last 24 hours across the country, as per the latest official data. The latest bulletin from the Union Health Ministry showed around 3.6 lakh new corona cases, with 3,754 people succumbing to their deaths due to the infection. As the nation continues to battle with the pandemic, the focus at present is on getting people around the country vaccinated, including making necessary arrangements for cylinders as there have been reports of thousands dying due to lack of oxygen. 

In the meantime, people ranging from all walks of life have done their part to raise an awareness about COVID-19, including masking up and the vaccination drive, while there have also been many who have been contributing in terms of financial assistance to fight the second wave of the pandemic. With many notable top celebrities extending monetary help, broadcasting giant Sun TV channel on Monday in an official statement announced that it is donating a sum of Rs. 30 crores to provide relief to those affected by the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Sun TV's official statement is as follows: 

"Sun TV Network is donating a sum of Rs.30 crores to provide relief to those affected by the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic. 
This will be spent on several initiatives currently under way at various states of India including the following: 

1. Donations to the various programmes initiated by Government of India and State governments 
2. Partnering with NGOs that are providing oxygen cylinders, medicines etc 

In addition, the company will leverage its resources including all its media assets to spread greater awareness among millions of our TV viewing audiences across India and rest of the world."