Cook with Comali is one of the most watched and happening shows in Tamil television industry and it has attracted an outstanding viewership. After the massive success of the first season, the second season of the show is happening now and it has been airing since November 14, 2020. The second season of Cook with Comali has turned out to be even more successful than the first edition and the makers of the show are planning to extend the show by a few more episodes, owing to the fantastic response from the audience. The fun factor in Cook with Comali has attracted the masses and the packaging of the show has been so good that the audience are eagerly waiting for the new episodes every weekend.

Cook with Comali is being aired on Saturdays and Sundays at 6.30 PM on Vijay TV and the episodes can be watched on Disney + Hotstar platform, as well. Cook with Comali started with 8 contestants - Ashwin Kumar, Baba Baskar Master, Kani Thiru, Dharsha Gupta, Madurai Muthu, Pavithra Lakshmi, Shakeela and Dheepa. Among the 8, three of them have been eliminated and they are Madurai Muthu, Dheepa, and Dharsha Gupta. Last weekend, the remaining contestants were taken aback when it was announced that a new wildcard contestant will be joining the competition, thereby increasing the number of active contestants to 6.

The newest entry was Rithika, a popular serial actress and she garnered good attention from the viewers in her very first episode. We are nearing the weekend and the new episodes of Cook with Comali is all set to be aired on Saturday. In the coming weekend's episode, the comalis have been assigned to essay the roles of popular television cartoon shows. Sivaangi will be seen as Dora, while Bala and Sarath will be seen as Superman and Batman respectively. Manimegalai will be recreating the Chota Bheem character and her makeover looked quite interesting and cute. We saw a glimpse of it in the already released promo videos and it received a very good response.

Ahead of this weekend's episode, Manimegalai has now shared an unseen new footage from the sets of Cook with Comali and it is going viral among the fans. In this video, we see Manimegalai sleeping and she is lying on Shakeela's lap. It is a known fact that Shakeela has turned out to be one of the most loved personalities in the recent times and she has earned more love with this new video. Sharing the video, Manimegalai wrote, "Cook panna tired la thoongiruchu Chhota Bheem #CookWithComali". Check out the latest unseen video from Cook with Comali featuring Manimegalai and Shakeela here: