There is a fake WhatsApp message that has been circulating online which states that a singer named Malavika was the one who spread Corona virus to veteran Singer SP Balasubramanyam during a recent reality show which took place on the 31st of July. The singer has now released a video clarifying the issue: 

“I am Malavika, there is a fake WhatsApp message circulating about me, this video is only to talk about that issue. In that fake WhatsApp message, it says that I participated in a reality show knowing that I was COVID-19 positive and because of me many members in crew and musician got infected by Corona virus including SP Balasubramanyam. It also says that my sister and I participated in the show and there are more false allegations in that WhatsApp forward message. Now coming to the facts, SPB special episode happened on the July 30th and July at 31st Ramoji Rao Film City, Hyderabad. July 30th, there were several singers participated in the show but I participated only on the July 31st show with adequate precautions from my side. Even Bala garu messaged me the next day on the 1st of August saying ‘I was very tired; I have been shooting for 4 days continuously and don’t forget my age.’ That’s the message he sent to me. And we all know what happened on August 5th, he got admitted to the hospital after being tested positive for Corona. At the same time, we also got to know that a few musicians who took part in the show were tested positive for COVID-19. Knowing that, as a safety precaution, even I took the COVID-19 test.

Just like me, many people who were involved in that shoot got themselves tested for Corona. So, I took the test and got my report on the 8th of August. The shooting place on the 31st of July and my results came on the 8th of August. Before the shooting, I am staying in my house for 5 months without going anywhere. My husband has been working from home for 5 months, we have elderly people in the house, there is small kid. We are taking all precautions for their safety. I got myself tested only after knowing many people who took part in the shoot were tested positive. My entire family took the test and unfortunately, my father, mother, and my daughter also tested positive on the 9th of August and we admitted my father to the hospital on the 19th of August. All this happened after the shoot, after August 5th and not before that. So, please don’t spread such false news. My family is going through a tough time, Balu garu’s family is going through a tough time. So, we all need your blessings and support at this time, I am going to report this fake message to Cyber Crime. This is a request from my side, please stop circulating such fake messages without knowing the facts.”