Actor Aari Arujunan who is known for acting in movies like Nedunchaalai and Maya, recently became the title winner of the widely popular Tamil television show, Bigg Boss Tamil: Season 4. The fourth season of the show happened between October 4 and January 17, 2021 and after following the show for more than 100 days, the audience selected Aari as the winner. He turned out to be a sensational personality on social media and his popularity and fame grew in a quick span of time. Aari was widely appreciated for being honest and true to his own self and being an individual player without getting influenced by others. Aari earned a solid fanbase through the show and those who have been active on social media would know about it. However, at the same time, there was also a certain section of fans who accused other contestants and spoke ill of them on the internet.

In fact, we even saw Anitha Sampath sharing an incident where she was abused by Aari’s fans in Bigg Boss when she entered the house as a special guest in the last week. Aari has now addressed the issue and has expressed his disappointment over the same. Talking in a recent interview, Aari mentioned that it is not right to defame or call anyone using nicknames.

He said, “Destructive and abusive criticisms can never be accepted and I strongly condemn those. Social media has grown phenomenally big in recent years and one of the negative side effects of it happens to be this. The netizens character assassinate the people that they do not like. People should understand that everyone has a family to take care of and these abusive comments and negative criticisms would have an effect on them as well. The first thing I got to hear after coming out of Bigg Boss was this and I was disappointed. I was worried and disappointed that this was happening. Be it my fans or anyone’s fans, it is definitely not right to abuse or make fun of someone.

At the end of the day, the other 17 members are my co-contestants and I can never allow anyone to abuse them. It is them who made me realize myself inside the Bigg Boss house and we all share a good rapport. We were competing in a game and that game is over now. Don’t call names or make fun of other contestants because it doesn’t sound good. You need to self-assess yourself when you post a comment on social media. When you write and read it again, you should feel happy about it and not feel bad. Self discipline will only help you grow and posting these negative and abusive comments would never help”.