The ticket to finale task is expected to come to an end with tonight's (January 8) episode of Bigg Boss and we will know the final results, as well. The person who gets the top spot will be the first finalist of this season and will also escape from the eviction process. In today's earlier released promo, we saw Aari expressing his thoughts about Ramya Pandian, and he put forth some of his concerns about her and her game. But, she was not convinced of Aari's allegations. We saw the promo receiving good support for Aari. Following that, Vijay TV has now released the second promo for tonight's episode and in this promo, we see Balaji talking about the progress of the game and how the housemates consider Aari and him to be the people with many faults.

Bala says he does not play any safe game and also defends for Aari on that aspect. He says since they do not play any safe game, they get attacked and affected in the end by other housemates. He expresses his disappointment about how his game and Aari's game are easily targetted by others. The housemates do not seem to approve of it as the reactions say so. However, we will have to watch the full episode to know how things turn out.

As already known, there are seven contestants inside the Bigg Boss house, right now - Aari, Balaji Murugadoss, Gabriella, Rio Raj, Shivani Narayanan, Ramya Pandian, and Som Shekar and all of them have been nominated for this week's eviction process. Rumours suggest that there could be a double eviction this week, but we will have to wait for the weekend to know if it will be a single or double eviction. As per the online buzz, it is most likely that Shivani will walk out of the show, but let us wait for the official results. Aari, Balaji, and Rio have more or less confirmed their berths in the finale and the rest two will have to be decided.

With less than 10 days to go for the finale, everyone is looking forward to seeing how the game progresses with twists and turns. Though Ramya Pandian has been playing a very good game, her complaints against Aari is, unfortunately, backfiring her. For now, check out the newly released Bigg Boss 4 promo here: