It is well known across the globe that Akshay Kumar is a King of Bollywood and one of the biggest stars not just in India but across the world. He has an avid fan following in many countries and almost every new movie of his is celebrated by fans and audiences everywhere. The 2.0 is well-versed with all kinds of outdoor activities, martial arts, and performing stunts all by himself. After all these years on the big screens, Akshay Kumar will now feature as a special guest on the Discovery Channel show Into the Wild, with Bear Grylls. This popular show hosted by Bear Grylls has a very good following and there have been many celebrities on this show, including our Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Superstar Rajinikanth, former American President Barack Obama, Julia Roberts, Roger Federer, Kate Winslet and others. 

 The previous episode of Into the Wild with Bear Grylls featured Superstar Rajinikanth and was shot at the Bandipur Tiger Reserve, at Karnataka, in January. It was aired on March 23rd, simultaneously across all 12 channels of the Discovery network. The overall reach of this show was calculated at 12.4 million, which is said to be about 86% higher than the reach of the previous four weeks. This has also helped the Discovery network collect a massive 89% share in the infotainment genre. This show on the network's Tamil channel DTamil had a massive reach and helped the channel overtake other regional channels like Colors Tamil, Raj TV & Jaya TV, during this slot! Not just the shot but even the hashtag related to it - #ThalaivaOnDiscovery also became a huge hit with over 3.33 billion impressions, by over 1.4 billion individuals! This episode has become the highest-rated TV show of this genre, in this year and the overall second-highest in the history of this genre. Akshay Kumar’s upcoming episode is likely to do equally well and promo that has been released as already created some huge expectations.