Like Haneef Adeni’s previous two films, Mikhael is also a film based on the bible. Mikhael means the guardian of angels and a protector of the Jews. How the lead tries to protect his family from evil is what Mikhael is all about.


This Nivin Pauly starrer is an action-drama-thriller which starts like any other revenge drama but gets diverted mid-way. The film has got too much to tell, but the intention has its perks. It started like a film that has a lot of emotions but the director did not capitalize so much on the brother-sister bonding which could have been the USP of the film.


With the first half getting all the explanations for the story and some fillers, core plot and the actual high points get established only post the interval block and goes on till the climax. Consciously negating the songs and the over-detailing of scenarios would have tightened the film a bit more and cut down the long runtime, though.


With nothing much to complain, the director capitalizes on the non-linear narration to accentuate the story with predictable twists, but the foreplay takes long time before hitting the core of the screenplay. Extra attention to the clichés and the cinematic liberties would have made Mikhael a little better than what it is.


Nivin Pauly wasn’t as expressive in this film as much as we used to see him. In fact, his character sketch wasn’t that detailed enough. He is introduced to us as a timid young doctor but later we get to see the other side of him. There is no proper justification for the character to behave that way.


On the whole, Mikhael provides some exciting moments here and there but fails to create an impact.