The world is already reeling from the deadly effects of the ongoing COVID-19 Novel Corona Virus Pandemic, which has claimed lives in the thousands and left hundreds of thousands of people infected! However, there seem to be some people who are oblivious to the issues of people and still want to go about their own agenda of inflicting merciless pain and torture on others. The recent terrorist attack in Vienna which claimed many lives, left the whole world in shock. The Austrian city of Vienna witnessed a horrific shooting incident, which saw the death of four people and over 15 people injured. Austrian security personnel eventually subdued the attacker and upon investigation, found that he holds Austrian and North Macedonia citizenship. Now, there has been a shocking turn of events!

The notorious global terrorist group Islamic State, which is more commonly known as ISIS, has now released a video claiming responsibility for the attack that happened in Vienna. A video released on the official online channel of ISIS, revealed that a person named Abu Dujanah Al-Albani had been armed with a machine gun, pistol and a machete had gone on the rampage on Monday night, before ending up being killed by the Police. ISIS has claimed that the youth was an Albanian. Reports state that earlier, the man was sentenced to a 22-year prison sentence, for trying to join ISIS in Syria when he was just 20-years-old. However, he served just 7 months of the sentence because of his young age. The video released by ISIS showed Abu Dujanah Al-Albani pledging allegiance to the dreaded terrorist leader - Abu Ibrahim Al-Hashimi.

Police investigations after the shooting has lead to the arrest of over 14 people, following multiple raids in various places. The dastardly attack in Vienna happened just days after a string of horrific terrorist attacks on France. France witnessed the killing of a middle-school teacher - Samuel Paty, on October 16th. This beheading was carried out by 18-year-old immigrant - Abdullakh Anzorov, inside a school in Paris. This was followed by a brutal stabbing spree on October 29th. Brahim Aouissaoui, a 21-year-old Tunisian man, stabbed three innocent people to death, inside the Notre-Dame Basilica, in the city of Nice. The entire world has been shocked with these recent events and we sincerely hope that all this gets over soon.