The United Nations always ensures that it appreciates and applauds the good efforts taken by people and organisations across the world, towards initiatives that help in the betterment of the world! In such a similar instance, the United Nations has selected the Indian organisation - Global Himalayan Expedition as one of the winners of its 2020 UN Global Climate Action Award! This organisation is said to have leveraged tourism and technology to aid remote communities to access solar energy! The GHE is one of the first organisations across the entire world to bring solar energy to very remote regions and communities. The recipients of this award were announced recently and are stated to be the best examples of how people across the world are working towards combating climate change, especially in a year that has brought extreme hardships to everybody!

The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) website calls GHE to be one of the first in the world to tap into tourism and technology to bring solar energy to remote countries, as recognised by the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) and the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO). Reports state that there are more than 16 million people in the Hindu Kush region without access to basic energy for their requirements, mainly due to their geographical remoteness. The process followed by GHE is that it arranges "Impact Expeditions" to remote Himalayan villages and uses a part of the fees of these expeditions to fund the implementation of village-scale solar micro-grids, including the hardware, transportation and installation of these grids, as well as training of the villagers to maintain these grids. These grids set up by GHE are operated by the communities themselves!

The GHE has brought solar energy electrification to more than 131 villages across three different regions of India and thereby directly impacted the lives of over 60,000 villagers. This has been made possible by over 1,300 travellers from across 60 different countries. These expeditions have also brought in over 114,000 US dollars as income for the villages, through homestay tourism. This represents a 45% increase in the annual income of the households in these villages. The winning projects of this year's UNFCCC awards have demonstrated leadership on climate change by nations, businesses, investors, cities, societies and regions. The winners include the only carbon-neutral hotel in the Caribbean, a world's first platform which has been fully dedicated to green bonds and an all-women solar team from Lebanon. The selection of these winners show that climate action is definitely underway across the world!