In a bizarre incident, the sacked watchman of a private residential complex returned to his old workplace to murder the man who replaced him. 

According to the police, the 41-year-old watchman, identified as Saravanan, was accused of being drunk during work hours and allegedly did not keep a note of the visitors to the apartment complex, as he was supposed to do. The private security services firm which employed him sacked him and another employee, Rathnakumar (58), was sent to replace him. 

On Wednesday, Rathnakumar was already on duty when Saravanan walked in, claiming he worked there. He was challenged by Rathnakumar, and a quarrel broke out. Saravan reportedly picked up a log in the compound and attacked Rathnakumar, who raised hue and cry. residents who rushed to the spot took the injured man to a hospital nearby and Saravanan was handed over to the police, which let him go after recording his statement. On Thursday, Rathnakumar died in hospital and the case of assault which was filed was changed into that of murder. Saravanan was picked up from his house and remanded to judicial custody.