The topic of Hindi being India's national language and that it should be followed by everybody has been a topic that has been a bone of contention for long, as India doesn't recognise any single language as its official national language! History has also recorded a state-wide agitation against Hindi imposition in Tamil Nadu, which turned into a revolution of sorts. Now, the issue has reared its head again, following the implementation of the National Education Policy (NEP), last month. The NEP brought into focus Tamil Nadu's 2-language (Tamil & English) education policy and suggested that a 3-language (Tamil, Hindi & English) would be better for the students. 

However, there has been severe opposition towards the NEP from a lot of fronts, especially the Tamil Nadu opposition party. The voices against NEP, have eventually grown into voices against the forceful imposition of Hindi on the students and the people of Tamil Nadu. In recent times, there have been a number of reports of non-Hindi speaking people being unfairly persecuted at different places and as a means of voicing their opposition to all this, an innovative campaign has gone viral in Tamil Nadu! People sporting t-shirts with slogans, expressing their support for Tamil and opposition for Hindi, have been becoming increasingly common in the past couple of days. The most popular of these slogans read, "I am a Tamizh pesum Indian" & "Hindi theriyadhu Poda".

Many leading actors and politicians have been putting up social media posts with photos of them sporting these t-shirts with the anti-Hindi imposition slogans. Some of the most popular photos included those of Yuvan Shankar Raja, Udhayanidhi Stalin, Karunakaran, Aishwarya Rajesh, Metro Shirish, Shanthnu and Kiki! Prior to all of this, Thoothukudi MP Kanimozhi had shared a photo of herself with a group of youngsters, sporting these t-shirts. She had even put up a post mentioning that when she had this idea, she didn't expect it to become a rage and thanked the youngsters of today for responding passionately. Ms. Kanimozhi had once gone through an issue at an airport and faced discrimination for asking the officials to talk in Tamil or English. Similarly, National Award winning director Vetri Maaran has recalled an incident where he had been made to wait for over 45 minutes by an immigrations official at the Delhi Airport, for not knowing Hindi. All this has sparked quite an outrage and it looks like the movement against Hindi imposition is picking up steam!

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