The World Health Organization on Friday issued a statement saying the spread of the coronavirus can still be brought under control despite the number of cases around the world doubling in the past six weeks. Director General of the World Health Organization Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus cited countries like Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, New Zealand, Italy, Spain and South Korea while also hailing India's biggest slum, Dharavi in Mumbai, where the virus has been controlled through determined and relentless action. 

Tedros addressing a virtual press conference in Geneva said, "In the last six weeks, cases have more than doubled,". He added, however, saying, "There are many examples from around the world that have shown that even if the outbreak is very intense, it can still be brought back under control," said Tedros. "And some of these examples are Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, New Zealand, Italy, Spain and South Korea, and even in Dharavi -- a densely packed area in the megacity of Mumbai -- a strong focus on community engagement and the basics of testing, tracing, isolating and treating all those that are sick is key to breaking the chains of transmission and suppressing the virus."

International press agency AFP on Friday stated that the novel coronavirus has killed at least 555,000 people worldwide since its outbreak emerged in China last December. There have been nearly 12.3 million cases recorded in 196 countries and territories around the world. Tedros also stated, "Across all walks of life, we are all being tested to the limit. From countries where there is exponential growth, to places that are loosening restrictions and now starting to see cases rise. Only aggressive action combined with national unity and global solidarity can turn this pandemic around."

Maharashtra on Friday reported its highest single-day spike of 7,862 new cases taking the overall tally to 2,38,461. The state health department said that 226 more patients died due to the infection with the death toll reaching 9,893. The number of recoveries in the state yesterday was 5,366 with the overall number of discharged patients currently standing at 1,32,625. So far,12,53,978 people have been tested in the state, which currently has 95,943 active cases.