In an unprecedented shocking incident in Bengaluru, an ambulance driver was physically assaulted by family members of a 75-year-old COVID-19 patient, who passed away while en route to the MS Ramaiah Hospital in the city. The incident took place as the vehicle was waiting in front of the hospital after the patient had passed away. 

According to reports, the driver was pulled outside from the ambulance after which he attempted to make a run when he was chased by a relative of the deceased. While trying to make an escape, the driver's clothes were torn apart as the family blamed him for the patient's death. Speaking to news agency ANI, the driver said that he was unable to narrate the sequence of the protocol to be followed while getting the patient to the treatment ward for admission. 

It is to be noted that a similar violent incident in Karnataka occured only a few days back when an ambulance was set on fire at the Belgavi Institute of Medical Science and Hospital (BIMS) in the Belgavi district after relatives of a coronavirus 55-year-old patient, who succumbed to the disease. The relatives of the COVID-19 victim also pelted stones at the hospital building, which caused a lot of commotion in the area. 

The police officials in a statement then said that the relatives attempted to attack the hospital staff after damaging the building premises and setting the ambulance on fire. A case had been registered by the authorities. The fire service was notified after the ambulance was set on fire. The police had by then blocked the nearby roads for them to enter the hospital zone. The fire was doused out by firemen and the situation was brought back under control. 

Karnataka has taken a severe hit due to coronavirus, with the state recording 67,456 active cases as on Friday, the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare said in a statement. The state government has been hard at work in its efforts to contain the spread of the virus, with a lockdown currently in effect, especially in Bengaluru.