Adiyae Movie Review: Vignesh Karthick's 'Adiyae' reduces its 'alternate reality' premise to a bunch of pop-culture jokes

Vignesh Karthick
The tone is all over the place, and because the love angle is hardly developed, we don't care about this couple getting together.
Adiyae Movie Review

Adiyae Movie Cast & Crew

Production : Maali & Manvi Movie Makers
Director : Vignesh Karthick
Music Director : Justin Prabhakaran

Casting Venkat Prabhu in Adiyae makes a great deal of sense. The director made the superb Maanaadu, which is one of the rare Tamil films that successfully explored a sci-fi premise. (1): The film was true to the genre, with no random love story and so forth. And (2): There was no hesitation, there was no "will our local audiences understand this!" confusion. Seeing Venkat Prabhu in Vignesh Karthick's movie makes you wish the senior director had been given the opportunity to doctor the script, which is a mess. The premise is that a young man (GV Prakash Kumar) keeps finding himself in alternate realities. The premise is also about "will he get the girl he loves" (played by Gouri G Kishan).


The problem with Adiyae is that it is so desperate to tickle the audience that it doesn't take its story seriously. What we get is a bunch of pop-culture jokes. In one reality, the shelved Gautham Menon-Vijay starrer Yohan has been released and is a big hit. In another reality, AR Rahman is a dance master. Christopher Nolan is a Telugu film director. This flavour of juvenile humour gets stale very quickly – but it's the foundation the film is built on. And because the love angle is hardly developed, we don't care about this couple getting together. The tone is all over the place, and nothing in the film makes a case to be taken seriously. As for the ending, it comes after a such a confusing (rather, ill-fitting) series of events that it's just a blessed relief that it's all over, and we can return to our own reality.

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