The entire nation is locked down, so people are getting restless and losing their cool. Police department is trying their level best to control this situation. Today, an arrogant lady misbehaved and spat on Kolkata Police personal's uniform after he tried to stop the car during checking point. This incident has shocked the nation. Actor Vivek Oberoi who played the villain role in Ajith Kumar’s Vivegam has released a video asking the people to respect our police department who are fighting for us during this crisis situation.  
Vivek Oberoi’s tweet followed by the translation of his video statement: “Shocked to see such an arrogant reaction by this lady against the very same police officer who’s risking his own life to ensure her safety! Big salute to every police officer! We must laud their tireless efforts amidst such a crisis. Jai Hind #21DaysLockdown #StayHomeIndia” 
Video statement: “I am truly shocked and appalled by the arrogant reaction of this lady against a policeman who was just trying to do his job. Don’t forget lady, you are out there by your own choice but the policemen who are out there because they choose to keep your family and my family safe at a time of crisis like this. They are not thinking about their families, they are thinking about out, so let’s please respect all our men in uniform who are working so hard to control this coronavirus. For every one story of Police brutality that I see, I am hearing of a hundred stories of how cops are helping people who are in trouble? So, let’s not just behave in this arrogant manner, let’s be good Indians, let’s be genuine patriots.”