As India began its three-week lockdown today, March 26th, police punished people who ventured outdoors with beatings. Some police men have been following some unique punishing methods to make people realize their mistake. Few officers made offenders do sit-ups and squats in public as punishment. India has reported, so far, 606 positive cases of COVID-19 and 12 deaths. People must be aware that these policemen are sweating their lives out for people’s safety during this crisis situation. 
Actor turned politician Khushbu who annoyed but these irresponsible offenders who are loitering around for no reason. She has a unique idea of asking these offenders to clean the isolation wards of corona affected patients. She took to her Twitter space to share us her thoughts: “No point in beating up those caught loitering around aimlessly in dis #lockdown best would be to confiscate their licences n ask dem 2 volunteer as cleaners in isolation wards where #corona patients are recuperating..let’s see if these jokers hve the guts to break the rules den.”