Up-and-coming actress Anikha Surendran has become a mighty popular across South India, especially in Tamil Nadu, after starring  as 'Thala' Ajith's daughter in Gautham Menon's 2015 film, Yennai Arindhaal and the 2019 box office blockbuster, Viswasam. Anikha, who charmed her way into the hearts of the masses as a little girl in Yennai Arindhaal, went on to become a darling after Viswasam, with her performance fetching her praises from fans and critics alike. She subsequently starred as the young Shakthi Seshadri in the Tamil web series, Queen, which was loosely based on the life of the late Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa. 

Since her appearances on the big screen, Anikha has also garnered a huge following on social media through her photoshoots, which receive an astounding response from fans. Currently working on a few upcoming projects, Anikha recently took part in a Q&A session with fans on Instagram where she addressed many queries posted by fans, including sharing an insight into her personal life and daily routine. Among the questions that came her way, one fan asked her, "What would you if a die-hard fan of yours would propose you and say that he is gonna suicide if you wouldn’t accept it?" 

Anikha revealed that she has been in such situations in the past and said that she has received emails mentioning it, but wisely chose to ignore it. When one user pointed out that a friend of his had a huge crush on her on scary levels and asked for her feedback, Anikha replied saying she is scared to speak about it. Another user asked her whether she felt insecure about her height to which she replied saying she did feel as such at one point in her life, but realized the advantages of being 5'2 since it allowed her to stand at the front while posing for group photographs, including wearing male clothing and in turn make it look like a dress. Watch the video below to see Anikha's responses: