Virgin Bhasskar is a ZEE5 Original adult-comedy series starring Anant V Joshi, Dherendra Tiwari, Rutpanna Aishwarya and Jiya Shankar in the lead roles. The series was about Bhasskar, a porn novelist, whose attempts to lose his virginity keep failing. The first season was a huge success among the fans and the makers are back with the second season of the series. Virgil Bhaskar season 2 has a total of 11 episodes, India Burmawala, Sunil Dolamani Panda, Akanksha Shukla and Rashmi Somvanshi have directed this web series Virgil Bhaskar Season 2. Harshvardhan Dixit has given music in the series. Manish Akanksha Shukla and Ajaydeep Singh have written the story of the series. Ritapanna Aishwarya plays Vidya Pandey, Mishra Ji plays Dhirendra Kumar Tiwari, Rohan is Himanshu Arora. Abhishek Yadav is going to see us in the role of Omkar Nautiyal in the series.

Virgin Bhasskar Season 2 introduces a girl named Pakhi, played by Jiya Shankar. As shown in season 1, Bhasskar is the anonymous author of erotic comic Bad Boy, but suddenly Pakhi comes forward to take ownership of the comics and she also mentions that she knows Bhasskar has written them. How things span out between the two forms the rest of the story.

Speaking about the series, Anant says, “Bhasskar is back to entertain audiences. There has been an interesting arc and graph in Bhasskar’s life. The script for Season 2 is evolved. They have shown a kind of change in Bhasskar and the other characters too. This change in behaviour and approach is usually seen in real life too. What we were 1 year back and how we perceive things in the present go through a change, isn’t it? There a natural arc in Bhasskar too, and this is the best part of Season 2. So yes, I am happy and satisfied with the natural progression shown in Bhasskar.”

The second season has been up for streaming from August 29th, 2020, on the OTT platforms Zee5 and Alt Balaji. With the series available online, the team has released a new trailer of the series. Check out the video in the link below,

Virgin Bhasskar S2 | Starring Anant Joshi, Rutpanna Aishwarya, Jiya Shankar | Watch Now On ALTBalaji