Popular actress and Bigg Boss contestant Vanitha Vijayakumar has been in the headlines lately after getting married to Peter Paul, a graphics expert and an aspiring filmmaker on June 27 2020. Their wedding led to huge controversies after Peter Paul’s first wife Elisabeth lodged a complaint stating that the couple was not divorced yet. The issue is being handled legally by both parties. 

As a yet another shocking piece of news, Peter Paul was rushed to a hospital after he complained of chest pain. He has been admitted to Ramachandra Hospital in Porur. Following the incident, Vanitha tweeted, " Lots to say...nothing I can..god is great..believe..everything happens for a reason...life is tough ..face it..when u do..trust me ..everything will be ok...get tough..hit back...show the world you can.."

Vanitha has also tweeted about her marriage and Peter Paul on late Tuesday, Vanitha tweeted, 

"Marriage is not only a legal document u posses to say u are married..marriage is a union of two hearts and a celebration of life together..marriage and divorce is just a piece of paper to many..the joy and pain two individuals go through is only theirs to dwell in..

When I swore on the bible for better or for worse and in sickness and in health it was a promise I made to god and not to Law.peter Paul and I faced many emotions together in 2020 ..we laughed, we fought ,we loved, we cried..no Corona nor haters could pull us apart

Yesterday was a very important day we would never forget..god gave us a challenge to face together..to test the strength of our love for each other..we passed with flying colors...I believe in miracles...he is mine and I am his...I always believe god has a plan..now I know why

We exchanged rings on June 27th 2020 amidst all the chaos around us..god had a plan..and I believe only in him..Peter paul is a lovely soul who will win your hearts very soon...he is hale and healthy and blessed..I know he is born to achieve..you will understand soon...

Thanking you lovely souls who sent us messages and cared about us ..it means the world to us..life is very short and unpredictable Live and let live..#spreadthelove #ignorenegativity #LoveInTheTimeOfCorona #COVID19 #vanithavijaykumar #peterpaul"