Valhalla is a Danish dark fantasy adventure film, directed by Fenar Ahmad which is based on the comic book of the same name by Peter Madsen. Most people in Denmark grew up reading the Valhalla comics and some might have seen the animated version which happens to be Denmark’s classic. The makers have tweaked the story a bit to make it fresh, it is a bit off here and there when you know about the old Scandinavian culture, but the improvisation still makes it watchable.  
The Viking children Røskva and Tjalfe embark on an adventurous journey from Midgard to Valhalla with the gods Thor and Loki. Life in Valhalla, however, turns out to be threatened by the dreaded Fenrir wolf and the god's barbaric archenemies, the Jotnar. Side by side with the gods the two children must fight to save Valhalla from the end of the world. The trailer of Valhalla is here: