In an unfortunate incident, an artiste named Rajendra Singh died after he suffered cardiac arrest during a stage performance at Hasanpur village in Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh, on Thursday night. He was 62. Singh was playing the role of King Dasrath at Ramleela, which is a dramatic re-enactment of the life of Lord Rama based on Ramayana. According to reports, the veteran artiste playing Dasrath had directed his minister, Sumant, to accompany Rama and ask him to come back home after he decided to depart to the jungles. The scene continues to the part where Dasrath notices Sumant returning without Ram by his side and the dejected king then calling out to Rama in despair. 

Rajendra Singh, who is playing Dasrath, collapses on the stage next and does not get up. Initially, the spectators who are watching the events on stage believe it is part of the act and continue to clap as a mark of appreciation for his acting. However, they are shortly thereafter informed that the artiste had died of a cardiac arrest during his performance on stage, with Ramleela getting stopped immediately. Singh's nephew Adesh of Hasanpur said that his uncle had been performing the role of Dasrath on stage for well more than a decade. Soon after the play was stopped, several other artistes and spectators offered their tributes to Rajendra Singh. The incident came as a big shock to those who were watching the play, who have since offered their prayers to the departed soul.