Leading Tamil channel Zee Tamil recently launched their Survivor, which is an adaptation of the grand international reality show of the same title. Survivor Tamil, which launched with 16 contestants in total on September 12, has been receiving a stellar feedback and is being telecast everyday (Monday-Sunday) from 9.30 - 10.30 p.m., with popular Tamil hero 'Action King' Arjun serving as the host. The show has so far witnessed two contestants - Srushti Dange and Robo Shankar's daughter Indraja - being sent back after a majority of the participants voted them off the isolated island where all of them have had to make do with the best of the resources provided to them for their survival. 

The contestants of 16 were split into two teams - Vedargal and Kaadargal. The Vedargal team comprises Lakshmi Priyaa Chandramouli, Nanda, Lucky Narayanan, Aishwarya, Besant Ravi, Amzath Khan, VJ Parvathy and Srushti (already evicted). In the Kaadargal team, we have names like Vijayalakshmi, Umapathy Ramaiah, Vikranth, Saran Sakthi, Lady Kash, Ram C, Gayathri Reddy (at present in the Third World) and Indraja Shankar (evicted already). Having said that, Zee Tamil has now dropped a major surprise as two wildcard contestants are set to be introduced from this week on Survivor Tamil and are revealed to be Chennai 600028 films fame actor Inigo Prabhakaran and Malaysian-Tamil actress and model Vanessa Cruez. 

In the latest promo for Survivor, we see Inigo and Vanessa lending their suggestions to the remaining contestants regarding their tasks, with Lakshmi Priyaa Chandramouli expressing her displeasure. Vanessa is part of the Kadargal tribe and Inigo Prabhakaran has joined the Vedargal tribe, with the duo taking part in various activities. So far, the physically-challenging tasks have garnered wide attention among the audience, with many taking to social media to share their opinions on who is proving to be a big attraction on the show. 

Watch the latest Survivor promo below: