A mother is elated when her son befriends the most popular boy in school; however, the new “friend” has evil intentions towards the mother for something she did in the past. Starring Kristina Klebe, Tanner Buchanan, Sebastian Cabanas, Tommi Rose and Sharon, Sinister Seduction revenge story about a recent widow who is glad when her son finds a new friend. But it soon becomes clear that he's after a different type of companionship. Will their attraction be her undoing? And what secrets are hiding?

The movie has a typical story with a single parent and a troubled child. This movie is quite nicely filmed. The story is fairly involving at first but the premise doesn't hold up, in the end, is what all the early reviews say. These movies aren't known for logic. Affair when married and then sleeping with a teenager. That’s quite a plot to look forward, now check out the newly released trailer of Sinister Seduction: