Popular TV actor Mukesh Khanna, known widely among fans for his roles in shows like Shaktimaan and Mahabharat, on Tuesday dismissed rumours about his death and appeared on video to inform that he is "perfectly alright". The 62-year-old actor posted a video on his Facebook page to quash the death hoax and said, "I have come here to tell you that I am perfectly alright. I was asked to dismiss these rumours and that is what I am doing now. I am perfectly alright and I have your blessings.". Mukesh also extended his gratitude to all those who expressed their concerns over his health and added that he had received a lot of phone calls after rumours about his death sprung up. "Thank you very much for the concern. I have been getting a lot of phone calls and that is why I felt like informing my fans that I am perfectly alright," he added.

In his Facebook post, Mukesh Khanna brushed off rumours of him being admitted to hospital due to COVID-19. He said, "With blessings of you all, I am healthy and safe. Neither I have COVID-19 nor was I admitted to any hospital." He also slammed those who were spreading such false news and requested for an end to such rumours. The Shaktimaan actor's timeline and comments section were flooded with wishes for his good health. 

Mukesh Khanna became a household name across India in the late 1990s after playing the superhero Shaktimaan and also appeared in BR Chopra's mythological drama Mahabharat in which he portrayed the role of Bhishma Pitamah. The veteran actor has also made appearances in Bollywood films like Saudagar, Raja, Barsaat and Hera Pheri to name a notable few. Watch Mukesh Khanna addressing his fans in his latest video below: