A few days before, a 24 year old Malayali girl named Ramsi died by suicide and the news took the entire state of Kerala by deep shock. It was reported that she committed suicide after her fiance Harris backed out of the wedding which was supposed to happen in the next few weeks. Ramsi and Harris were reportedly in a relationship for the past ten years and they decided to take it to the next level, but an unfortunate turn of events followed by and turned everything upside down. According to reports, Harris received another wedding proposal from an affluent family after which he broke up with Ramsi. This incident affected Ramsi deeply and she decided to take her own life.

Following her suicide, Harris was arrested by the Kollam Police and he has been booked for abetment of suicide and sexual assault on the pretext of a false promise of marriage. Harris' family members were also investigated by the Police officials and their mobile phones were seized. Having said that, it has now been reported that popular television serial actress Lakshmi Pramod has absconded. Lakshmi Pramod is the wife of Harris' brother, Azar Muhmmed and she is said to have a connection in this case. Lakshmi Pramod has gone into hiding and the Police officials have reportedly intensified their search operation.

It is said that Lakshmi and late Ramsi were quite close and had taken many pictures and videos together. According to Police officials, the conversations between the two will prove to be crucial in the case. In addition, it has been revealed that the case will be probed against the serial actress for pressurising Ramsi to abort her child and for forging a fake marriage certificate for the same. Yes. Ramsi was pregnant with a child, but was forced to abort it by Harris' family members. It is said that Lakshmi Pramod was the one who took Ramsi to the hospital in Ernakulam for abortion.

With Lakshmi Pramod said to be in involved in this whole issue, the police are searching for her through all possible ways and let us wait for an official development soon. As of now, only Harris has been arrested in connection with Rasmi's suicide and the rest of the family members are in the surveillance of the Police. Stay tuned to this space for more updates.