Earlier today, Therukural Arivu of 'Enjoy Enjaami' fame publicly broke his silence regarding the song's credit, ownership, and revenue rights. He took to his official Twitter handle and stated how he was the sole writer, singer, composer, and performer of the song while Dhee and Santhosh Narayanan were only part of his team. He spoke against how the credits were being displayed on Spotify and how they sidelined him by not inviting him during the 44th Chess Olympiad where the song was performed by Dhee and singer Kidakuzhi Mariyammal. 

Hours after Arivu's statement, Santhosh Narayanan has come forward with his own contrasting statement to what Arivu had said. The esteemed composer and musician took to his own official Twitter handle to put out a two-page statement on the matter as a response to the post made earlier today by Arivu regarding the credits for the hit song Enjoy Enjaami. Check it out:

🙏🙏 pic.twitter.com/7Rzhk6MXj2

— Santhosh Narayanan (@Music_Santhosh) August 1, 2022

Santhosh first addresses how it was his step-daughter Dhee who even came up with the idea of the song. He also mentions how Dhee, Arivu and himself came together to make this for the shared love they had for independent art. He goes on to specify each of their roles and contribution to the making of Enjoy Enjaami and thanks the various inspirations behind the lyrics of the song. He says the whole song was shot in a span of 30 hours with the process being swift, fun and spontaneous. 

He comes to the main subject and further adds that the revenue and ownership of the song was equally shared within the three artists. He says that he has nothing against Arivu as his speech about him at the song's audio launch stands as proof of it. He also says that the reason Arivu was not at the performance at the 44th Chess Olympiad was that the actor was out of the country and was unable to attend due to his ongoing US schedule. He also lauds Arivu and says he is an amazing artist and his favorite song of his being 'Keechey Keechey' from Vetrimaaran's soon-to-be-released-film Anel Mele Panithuli. He concludes his message by saying that he is open to any sort of public or private discussion with anyone who was involved in the song.