Popular South Indian actress Sanjjanaa Galrani, predominantly known for her work in Kannada cinema, was taken into questioning by the Bengaluru police to the Central Crime Branch (CCB) headquarters on Tuesday in connection with the drug case. Sanjjanaa, who is also actress Nikki Galrani's sister, is now the second actor in the state to be taken into custody after her house was raided. 

Sanjjanaa was escorted by the Central Crime Branch officials to the headquarters early in the morning after a search and seizure operation at her residence was conducted. Based on information provided by Rahul Shetty, who is one among the earlier arrested, Sanjjanaa's house was raided. 

According to reports, Rahul Shetty was a 'marketing agent' who organized private parties across various locations in Bengaluru and overseas. His job was primarily to bring celebrities to the parties and would then acquire a commission from the profits that were being made, while also arranging drugs for them. It is said he and Sanjjanaa knew each other well and had attended numerous parties together. 

Another individual named Pruthvi Shetty, the CCB has stated, was a resident of the HSR Layout and an event planner from Mangalore, who co-owned a company with Sanjjanaa and allegedly organized private parties through their enterprise. Sanjjanaa's finances are at present being looked into by the CCB, with the police stating that she and Pruthvi would hold private parties, where drugs were allegedly procured and consumed. 

Last week, Sanjjanaa had issued a statement to the media after Rahul Shetty's arrest and said that he was like a brother to her and that she had no connection to the drug case. On Monday, she spoke to the media again and added that she had no reason to fear an arrest as she had not consumed drugs. 

Up until now, the Bengaluru police have arrested actress Ragini Dwivedi, party planner Viren Khanna, alleged drug peddlers Loum Pepper Samba, Rahul Tonse, Prashanth Ranka and Niyaz in connection with the case. Furthermore, the police are said to be on the lookout for Vivek Oberoi's brother-in-law, Aditya Alva, who as well has been named as one among the accused in the case, while the prime accused and Ragini Dwivedi’s long-time friend, Shiva Prakash is yet to be arrested.